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Welcome to Nanopilot Wiki!

Nanopilot is a Micro Navigation and Control Board, designed for use in a variety of Autonomous Mobile Robots. It provides access to accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, pressure sensor, air-speed sensor and GPS. It can easily be interfaced to additional sensors, if required. Nanopilot is one of the smallest and lightest such modules available today.

Key Features of Nanopilot:

Nanopilot Hardware

Nanopilot's Hardware platform is Completely Modular, Extremely Powerful and Highly Compact with Rich Sensor Suite. It just weighs 4 grams, which enables use of NavStik in low weight applications, like MAVs (Micro Areal Vehicles), besides its use in bigger UAVs (Unmanned Areal Vehicle) and other autonomous mobile robotics applications.

Learn more about Nanopilot Hardware.

Nanopilot Software

Nanopilot's code-base and drivers are available in Open Source. We are gradually integrating more complex algorithms, including complete autopilot firmware, with help from the open-source community, to make it easier for users to build their own advanced intelligent autonomous robots. If you would like to participate in this open-source development, please contact us, here. We will be happy to find a suitable sub-project for you to get involved!

Get Nanopilot Software: Download Nanopilot Codebase

Learn more about Nanopilot Software.

What can I build using Nanopilot?

Nanopilot applications are only limited by the developers imagination! It can, of course, be used as a very effective UAV autopilot, with data-logging and telemetry capabilities. NavStik’s extremely small size and low weight, enable its use in Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV), too. It can, as well, serve as brains of a smart ground robot, an autonomous aerial delivery platform, or serve as a data-logging system in a weather balloon. Creative researchers would find tons of interesting applications once they add the processing power of Gumstix to Nanopilot!

Take a look at some of the Applications.

Getting Started

These steps will help you get started and start building your applications using Nanopilot.

Click here.

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