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Navstik comes up with very rich sensor suite consisting of high quality sensors, which include, 3-axis Accelerometers, 3-axis Gyroscopes, 3-axis Magnetometers, Barometer and a GPS (with micro-coax antenna connector) to provide a complete set of navigation data for mobile robotics applications. It also comes with a differential pressure sensor (optional) for air-speed measurement in aerial-robotics applications. Accurate sensor measurements are critical for mobile robotics applications. To ensure high-fidelity sensor data, 16-bit ADCs are used for sampling. Further, the On-board temperature sensors help in implementation of temperature compensation algorithms.

More About Sensors

3-axis Accelerometers : It used for measuring the amount of acceleration due to gravity, an accelerometer can figure out the angle it is tilted at with respect to the earth.

3-axis Gyroscopes : It is used to measure the angular rate along the three axes.

3-axis Magnetometer : It is used to measure

Barometer : Is the sensor used to measure the atmospheric pressure.

GPS : Is the sensor that provides location and time information obtained from GPS satellites in all whether conditions.

On-board temperature sensors : They provide temperature information of the system, the information is used to implement temperature compensation algorithms.

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