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Nanopilot Main Board

Nanopilot consists of a 32-bit Cortex M4 microcontroller, clocked at 168 MHz, along with a rich set of navigation Sensors and interfaces for interface board and Gumstix Overo®. GPS and differential pressure sensor are available as options. Differential pressure sensor is useful for applications where air-speed measurement is required (pitot-tube).

Key Features

Some of the key features of Nanopilot are summarized below:

  • 3-axis Accelerometer:
  • 3-axis Gyroscope
  • 3-axis Magnetometer
  • Barometer (Static Pressure Sensor)
  • GPS (Optional)
  • Temperature Sensors for Temperature Compensation of Sensor Data
  • Cortex M4 Based Microcontroller (STM32F4: 32 bit, 168 MHz)
  • Onboard SPI Flash with 16 Mb Memory
  • Connectors for Interface Board (required for power and interface to external world)
  • Connectors for Gumstix Overo® (optional – available from Gumstix; for advanced applications)
  • Connector for GPS Antenna (optional; required for GPS applications)
  • Differential Pressure Sensor (optional; for air-speed estimation)
  • Power Regulators and Switches (for programatically controlling power to different subsections)

Complete Description of features: Features in detail

Layout of Nanopilot

Block Diagram of Nanopilot

Nanopilot STM32 mapping diagram:

Pin Diagram of Nanopilot

Video: Introduction to Nanopilot

Watch Video:

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