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IvyPRO is an interface board which can be an option to have access to the interfaces of Nanopilot. IvyPRO has simple push and play assembly with Nanopilot. It has almost all features required to develop an autonomous UAV or any other robotic application. It has advance features like it supports Gumstix Overo which boosts computational performance of Nanopilot.

Key Features of IvyPRO

  • 6+6 PWM Channels (in/out reconfigurable)
  • Micro-SD Card Support for Data-logging (Push-Push Type)
  • Telemetry Port (UART)
  • 2 USB ports (Micro-USB, JST-SH )for firmware update and power (during development)
  • Spektrum Port (UART)
  • 2 USB port and an UART port for Gumstix Overo
  • Debug Port for IvyGS (JTAG Debugging and Ground Station)
  • Current Measurement
  • Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Battery Input Voltage Range of 4.5V – 14.0V
  • Auto Power Switching (between USB and battery sources)
  • ESD and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Boot Mode Selection and Reset Switches
  • Weight ~8.6 gram
  • Size 41mm x 35mm

Layout of IvyPRO

Block Diagram of IvyPRO

Pin Outs

Video: IvyPRO

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