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IvyEZ is a compact and simple-to-use interface-board with most features required for a typical autonomous robot/UAV application. It does not support Gumstix Overo.

Key features of IvyEZ

  • 6+6 PWM Channels (in/out reconfigurable)
  • Micro-SD Card Support for Data-logging
  • Telemetry Port (UART)
  • Micro-USB port for firmware update and power (during development)
  • Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Battery Input Voltage Range of 3.5V – 5.5V
  • Auto Power Switching (between USB and battery sources)
  • ESD and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Debug Port (for connection to IvyGS during development)
  • Boot Mode Selection and Reset Switches
  • Weight ~5 grams
  • Low Cost

Layout of IvyEZ

Pin Out of IvyEZ

Powering IvyEZ

IvyEZ can be powered in either of the two ways:

1. Power from Battery:

The image below shows how IvyEZ can be powered using a battery.

2. Power from Speed Controller:

Short the two terminals as shown in the image below.

Now, IvyEZ will be powered through the battery connected to speed controllers.

Video: IvyEZ

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