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Interface Board

An interface board is required to be connected to Nanopilot to make the interfaces accessible to the user. Interface boards also provide power management and other ancillary functions.

All interface boards feature a micro-USB port that can be used to power NavStik during development and for programming Nanopilot in DFU mode.

The three Interface Boards available for NavStik are :

Comparison of Interface Boards:

Compare Interface boards to find out which one best suits your application.

Compare Interface Boards

A debug port is also available on all interface boards, that can be used to connect Nanopilot to IvyGS (the ground station and debug board). This provides access to console and JTAG debug interface of Nanopilot. IvyPRO and IvyLITE also provide access to Overo® console via debug port.

An Interface-Board needs to be connected to Nanopilot Main Board in order to access the I/O and provide power to Nanopilot.

  • 12 PWM channels: In/Out Reconfigurable
  • Micro-SD Card Support
  • Telemetry Port (UART)
  • 2 Full-Speed USB Ports (one can be used for firmware upload)
  • Port for Spektrum Receiver (UART)
  • Gumstix Overo® UART and USB (2 nos) ports
  • Debug Port (for connection to IvyGS for JTAG debugging and console)
  • Onboard current measurement
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Efficient DC-DC converter for wide input voltage range (4.5 V – 14 V)
  • Automatic power switching between USB and Battery
  • ESD and short-circuit protection
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