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Nanopilot Hardware

Nanopilot Main Board

Nanopilot is designed to be extremely powerful, compact and modular. The main-module can be plugged into any of the interface boards to access the interfaces of NavStik, based on the application of interest.

Explore Nanopilot Main Board.

Interface Boards

An Interface Board provides access to various interfaces available on Nanopilot board. It also provides power management and other ancillary functions.

Learn more about Interface Boards.

Utility Boards

Utility Boards are the boards which are used for additional features like On-chip JTAG debugging or to increase the processing power of Nanopilot by plugging-in the processor board.

A debug board is available for JTAG debugging. This board also provides the following features:

  1. Nanopilot Console Access
  2. GumStix Console Access
  3. Ground-Station/Telemetry Support

Learn more about the Debug Board.

If your application needs heavy processing power, you can snap-fit a Gumstix Overo® COM to the ports available on Nanopilot.

Learn more about Gumstix Overo® COM.

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