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Debug Board

Nanopilot offers complete JTAG debugging support to assist in faster and efficient development of complex applications. Using the IvyGS add-on board, users can make use of completely open-source tool-chain for JTAG debugging (openOCD).

IvyGS: Ground Station and Debug Board

This is one of the smallest and lowest cost JTAG debuggers available. It also acts as a ground station with telemetry connection (telemetry module can be connected to UART on IvyGS) to Nanopilot. Besides these, IvyGS provides one console connection each for Nanopilot and Gumstix Overo® that are extremely useful during development and debugging. To enable the JTAG and console features, IvyGS can to be connected to Nanopilot using the provided debug cable.

One of the USB ports (available on all interface boards) can be used to upload firmware on NavStik in DFU mode. This port can also be used to power Nanopilot during development.

IvyGS : Ground Station and Debug Board for Nanopilot

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