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Some of the Accessories required for turning the Nanopilot to the desired application are :

Differential Pressure Sensor

  • Differential Pressure is estimated at the two terminals of differential sensor.
  • Speed of Air is estimated by measuring the differential pressure using this sensor.
  • Its size is almost comparable to a coin.

GPS Antenna(Active Patch)

  • This is an active patch GPS antenna with a U.FL connector that can be plugged-in directly to Nanopilot
  • This antenna has been tested to provide good performance with GPS received on Nanopilot.
  • A typical fix takes about 30-40 seconds (cold-start).

Micro USB Cable

  • Standard Micro-USB Cable for connecting any expansion board to the PC for firmware download to Nanopilot.

Reciever Interface Cable

  • Receiver Connector Cable is used for connection with IvyPRO and IvyEZ board.
  • This cable contains an 8-pin JST-SH connector on one end (to connect to IvyPRO or IvyEZ) and 7 3-pin 0.1” female connectors on the other end (to connect to different channels of a standard RC receiver)

4-Pin JST-SH Cable

  • 4-Pin JST-SH Cable consists of a 4 Pin JST-SH female connector on one end of the cable
  • It can be used for making connection to any 4 pin port available on IvyPRO, IvyEZ or IvyGS

5-Pin JST-SH Cable

  • 5-Pin JST-SH Female Connector Cable for connecting devices to USB ports (for Nanopilot or Overo®) available on IvyPRO.

USB Bridge Cable (JST-SH)

  • USB Bridge Cable for connecting Nanopilot USB port with any of the Overo® USB ports on IvyPRO
  • It has 5-pin JST-SH female connectors on both ends.

UART Cross Cable (JST-SH)

  • UART Cross Over Cable for connecting Nanopilot and Overo® UART.
  • This cable consists of JST-SH connectors on both ends. The RX and TX wires ae interchanged on the connectors to allow communication between Nanopilot and Overo® ports available on Ivy PRO.

UART Straight Cable (JST-SH)

  • UART Straight Cable for connecting IvyXB to IvyPRO, IvyEZ or IvyGS

Power Cable (JST-SFH)

  • Power Cable for IvyPRO, IvyEZ

Debug Cable

  • Debug Cable for connecting any expansion board to IvyGS for JTAG and console access (used during development/debugging).
  • This is a standard micro-HDMI cable.

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